Okay guys and girls last post of the day 

I’m gonna do something different you know paypal okay if you got a paypal account give me your login don’t worry no stealing money out of your account this is %100 percent free don’t need to give me your password just the user and your name 

EX-user-Rosiemary3984@gmail.com name-Rosie r. Mary

once you give me that give me how much money you want

EX-100-950 or even a $1000 if your lucky it should appear 2days after I add the money you could ask me anytime anyday you want

anf soon I should be posting itunes and amazon gift cards same thing 2days after I get them I’ll also be giving out other gift cards 

if you liked the post’s so far share the blog it here just type in bestcydiatweaksios7.wordpress.com


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